Compact Scale Series

  • CL Series – Portable Compact Scales

    With basic weighing and a simple two-button keypad, there’s no reason to settle for other brands when you can have an OHAUS!

    The OHAUS CL Compact Scale is a lightweight, portable scale perfectly suited for use in industrial, jewellery and home use applications. Applications can include quality control, formulation, soil sampling, jewellery, postal weighing and dietary weighing.

    Standard Features Include:

    • Superior RF Protection –The CL is designed with superior RF protection to deliver accurate and stable results when used in production areas or near cell phones. Approvals for electrical and emissions include CE listed and FCC Class B Part 15 operation.
    • Large Weighing Platform –The CL is designed with a large weighing platform and can adequately handle large samples including oversized letters.
    • Stackable Design with Integrated Shipping Lock –The CL has a low profile and storage is made easy with a stackable design. The integrated load cell lock protects the weighing cell from damage during storage or transportation.
  • EK-L Series – Precision Bench Scales

    A choice to be made—depending on your intended use!

    EK-15KL(15kg x 0.1g)

    Ideal for use where large capacity and high resolution are simultaneously required (e.g. measurements of precious metal blocks, etc.)

    EK-30KL(Smart range: 3kg x 0.1g / 30kg x 0.1g)

    Especially useful when the gross weight exceeds 15 kg, yet 0.1 g readability is necessary to measure the net weight (e.g. measurements of ingredients added into a heavy container, etc.)*1

    *1 The EK-30KL can always restore its precision range (3 kg × 0.1 g) with a press of the Re-Zero key.

    Common Feature:

    • Large (300 × 210 mm) weighing pan for efficient measurements of bulky objects or quantities
    • Hygienic and scratch-resistant, stainless steel (SUS430) weighing pan cover
    • Easy-to-read LCD display with clear, white backlight (22 mm character height)
    • Multiple weighing units: g, kg, oz, lb, ozt, in addition to pcs (counting mode) and % (percent mode)*²
    • Comparator, display hold, auto power OFF functions
    • Security ring for wire-locking the scale to prevent theft
    • Data output to a PC, printer, etc., via RS-232C interface
    • Operation with either AC adapter or optional rechargeable battery
    *²tl (HK general/Singapore) can be added upon request.
  • HOKUTOW – Digital Counting Scale

    HOKUTOW – Digital Counting Scale


    • 20 keys embossed membrane keyboard
    • Quantity checking alarm and checking weighing, auto unit weight update


    • RS-232 can connect to computer, Lp-50 Label printer or TPuP mini printer
  • SA Series – Portable Bench Scales

    SA Series – Portable Bench Scales

    • One scale for both precise (0.001 kg/1 g readability*i)and high-capacity weighing
    • Broad utility for home, office, floor or out in the field
    *i Up to 3 kg/3000 g (smart range)


    • Easy to carry around and/or take aboard a vehicle to use at various locations
    • Low profile (approx. 73 mm) that can be stored in narrow spaces or propped against a wall
    • Four weighing ranges (readabilities) selectable depending on your required precision
    • LCD display with backlight (24 mm character height), which is 180-degree reversible
    • Display hold, buzzer, auto power ON/OFF functions
    • Automatic zero setting mode that automatically performs tare and sets the display to zero once the
      weight value becomes stable*i i
    • Operation with either AC adapter (provided as standard) or four D batteries
    • Data output to a PC, printer, etc., via RS-232C interface (optional)
    *i i This is useful, for example, when taring your own body weight before measuring the weight of an animal by holding it (you don’t have to crouch down to press the Re-Zero/AT key).


  • Scout Pro – Portable Electronic Balances

    The OHAUS Scout®Pro – Hands Down The Industry’s Best Portable Balance! 

    The Latest in the Scout Line of Portable Balances – The Ohaus Scout Pro!

    Designed for use in laboratory, industrial or education applications, the Ohaus Scout Pro continues the tradition set by the Ohaus Scout and Scout II products. Featuring east-to-use two-button operation, a high-contrast LCD display, multiple weighing units, four application modes, and the option of either RS232 or USB connectivity, the Scout Pro is the portable balance for your needs!

    • Multiple Weighting Units – Including grams, kilograms, pounds, ounces, taels, a combined pound:ounce display, troy ounces and pennyweight
    • Multiple Application Modes – Incdluing enhanced parts counting, percentage weighing, totalization, and display hold
    • East to use – The high-contrast LCD display combined with two key operation makes the Scout Pro a snap to operate
    • USB or RS232 Connectivity – Quickly-installed LCD display combined with two key operation makes the Scout Pro a snap to operate
    • Easy to Clean – Removable stainless steel weighing platform, weighting platform, sealed front panel and molded spill ring help keep the Scout Pro safe from spills
    • Battery or AC Power -AA” batteries with auto shut-off feature for 40 hours of operation, or the Scout Pro can be run on the included AC powerpack
    • Integral Weigh-Below Hook – Critical for density or specific gravity determination
  • SJ-HS Series – Compact Bench Scales

    SJ-HS Series – Compact Bench Scales


    • Large, removable stainless steel (SUS304) weighing pan, which is easy to wash and keep clean
    • High-speed weighing in less than 1 second to increase your work efficiency
    • Resolution up to 1/5000 (SJ-5001HS) for highly precise measurements
    • Clearly visible LCD (with 25 mm character height) ensuring accurate reading of results
    • Low-profile construction for storage in narrow shelves, which also helps when lifting heavy objects to the weighing pan
    • Tare function to exclude the weight of the container from the weighing result
    • Long battery life of approx. 2000 hours (optional AC adapter is also available)
      • Auto power off function so as not to waste battery power
      • Battery indicator that tells you the remaining battery level
    • Two side handles allowing easy carrying of the scale
    • Zero tracking function to maintain the display at zero before measurement
  • SK-WP – Dust & Waterproof Digital Scales

    Perfect choice for any application if washing after use is necessary! 


    • Washable (Dust & Waterproof, IP-65)
    • Stainless Steel Body and Weighing Pan
    • 1/2000 Resolution (SK-5001 WP: 1/5000)
    • Large & Clear LCD Display (25min)
    • Designed to Meet Weights & Measures Regulations
    • Portable (6 D Type Batteries, Batteries not included)
    • Net Weight / Stability Indication
    • Low Battery Indication
    • Separate Keys for Power and Re-Zero
    • Auto Power Off
    • AC Adapter (option)

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