• Software

    –  Integrated Weighing System

    We provide Integrated Weighing System (IWS), which can meet most customers’ requirement for weighing services.

    • We provide standalone and network version of weighing system. For standalone, you only need one computer to perform all the functions, including weighing, ticket printing, reporting, exporting, etc. For network version, you can install our IWS in different workstations in the same network, share the database, generate report from different workstations, even control different weighbridges in the same system.
    • We provide different user level access, with proper security control.
    • We provide several master tables, including customers, products, vehicles, transporters, etc.
    • We can link IWS to ERP antenna, bar code reader, traffic light, barrier, etc to perform automation operations.
    • We can link IWS to other systems like SAP, ACCPAC, etc to share data, provide fast, accurate data integration.
    • We can customize the software according to customer’s requirement.

    –  OPC Development

    • OPC is an industry standard, which has been widely used in many fields. Now most of the major industrial and automation software vendors support this protocol, including CITECT, BIS, etc.
    • We provide OPC development for your special requirement. If you need OPC driver to connect your device to OPC-enabled system, we can provide our development service. If you need to connect your software to OPC-enabled device, we can provide the same service.
    • We provide development for OPC servers, OPC clients, OPC Bridging, and any types of OPC customization development.

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