analog signal conditioner

  • AND Analog Signal Conditioner – AD-4541-V/I

    Ultra-Slim Analog Signal Conditioner

    Converts signals received from a bridge type sensor such as a load cell, pressure sensor, strain gauge, etc. to a voltage output (AD-4541-V/–2V to +2V) or a current output (AD-4541-I/4-20mA). The AD-4541-V/I can be easily mounted on a DIN rail or a wall.


    • Strain gauge excitation: DC 5V
    • Frequency response: DC to 2Hz (–3dB)


    • Voltage Output (AD-4541-V): –2V to +2V
    • Voltage Current (AD-4541-I): 4-20mA

    Housing to be fixed on a DIN rail or a wall
    Power Supply

    • DC24V

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