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  • CM Heavy Duty Industries Floor Scale

    Superior Structural Design
    CM-Deck utilizes a full structural “C” channel frame welded to a durable steel deck, providing exceptional rigidity under severe loading conditions (typical of fork lifts and pallet jacks). This design has proven so superior that the CM-Deck carries a one-year warranty on the deck structure. The cross sections shown compare the deck structure of the CM-Deck with other low-profile floor scales. The placement of under deck supports on the CM-Deck minimizes deflection in all directions. Intermediate supports are added to prevent the top plate from “dishing” under heavy point loads.


    • Wide Range of customizable sizes and capacity
    • Multiple built –
      • Pallet Truck Access
      • Forklift Access
      • Pit Mounted
    • Design technology allows for up to 300% safe overload
    • Four units certified tool steel or stainless shear beam load cell
    • Motion free design leveling foot with adjustable BALLFOOT support
    • Threaded eyebolt holes for easy lifting
    • Customize to customer require sizes
    • Low profile construction
    • Durable Construction for optional ramp, with non-skid imprint
    • Large 6 digit LED display
    • Dual scale operation(Optional)
    • Stainless steel enclosure (IP65)
    • OIML R-76 and NTEP approved

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