• AD-1688 Weighing Data Logger

    Save, Carry, and Retrieve

    The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC!


    • Dual Interface – An RS-232C interface to import weighing data from an A&D balance or scale and a USB interface to export the data to a PC (no driver software is required)
    • Large Memory – Approx. 5,000 weighing data sets (in the A&D standard format) can be stored
    • Internal Clock – The date and time the data is saved is stored in data
    • Highly Portable – Small size and IP65 dust and waterproof (with the casing over)
    • No Battery Required – Receives power supply directly from a balance, scale or PC
  • AD-8118C Universal Printer

    The AD-8118C is a universal printer designed for connection with indicators, scales and electronic balances.

    It employs dot-matrix impact printing enabling better readability and longer print durability.

    This printer can directly output current input received via a current loop (channel 1 only) and display gross weight, net weight and tare on respective displays by connecting it with 3 external displays.


    • Date and time printing function (built-in calendar/clock)
    • Cumulative memory function (Memory stored even if the power supply is switched off.)
    • Internal battery provides calendar/clock and cumulative memory function back-up for approx. 10 years.
    • Cumulative/statistical calculation functions by code/input channel
    • Print modes* : Random, Dump, Interval, and Batch
    • Print format modification function using the operation keys (in the random print mode)
    • Connectable to external displays (up to 3 devices) with a current loop output (channel 1 only)
    • Up to 4 data output devices including indicators (AD-8118C-02 required) can be connected to a single
      AD-8118C printer.
    • Receives input signal via a current loop (maximum length of approx. 100m) or RS-232C (maximum length of approx. 15m)
  • AD-81287 Compact Printer for Balances & Scales

    AD-81287 Compact Printer for Balances & Scales


    • Easy setting and operation with a numeric keypad and LCD display
    • Built-in calendar and clock for printing date and time at any time
    • Sends re-zero and weighing data request commands to the balance/scale
    • Clear and visible dot matrix printing, which also enables long-term preservation of the printed records
    • Compact and lightweight for portability and installation anywhere
    • Interval printing mode for printing weighing data at set intervals
    • Chart printing mode for printing time-series variations of weighing data
    • Dump printing mode to receive and print GLP/GMP/GCP/ISO compliant output from the balance/scale
    • Performs and prints the results of statistical calculation including standard deviation
    • Prints an ID number set for the printer at any time
    • Dust-free paper (AX-PP173-S) available for use in clean rooms
    • Two types of RS-232C cables (D-Sub 25P and D-Sub 9P) provided as standard to connect to balances/scales with different interfaces*
    • Receives a print, paper feed, print statistical calculation results, print total, re-zero, or weighing data request command from the optional foot switch (AX-SW128)
  • AD-8551R (RC-232C to RS-485S Converter)

    Multiple balances and scales can be connected to a PLC, HMI and PC Two selectable communication protocols (Modbus-RTU, Command mode) Up to a maximum of 31 sets can be connected to a PLC or PC Din rail mounting type

    Connectable weighing instruments:

    Weighing module – AD-4212A, AD-4212B, AD-4212C, AD-4212D
    Analytical balance – BM, HR, HR-A, HR-i, HR-AZ, GH, GR
    *Precision balance – EJ, EJ-B, FX-i , FZ-i, GX, GX-A, GX-K, GF, GF-A, GF-K, GP
    Compact balance – EK-i, EK-L, EW-i
    Scale – FG, HV-C, HV-CP, HV-G, HW-C, HW-CP, HW-G
    Scale – HV-CWP, HW-WP, SC, SE, SW
    Counting scale – FC-i, HC-i, FS-i

    * The AD-8551R can be powered by the AD-4212C, AD-4212D, FX-i, FZ-i, GX-A, GF-A, HR-A, and HR-AZ.
    A power supply is required when connecting the AD-8551R to other models.
    * The AD-8551R can be connected to the AD-4212C and AD-4212D with a standard accessory cable.
    Other models require an optional cable.
    * Please refer to the instruction manual for details on the connection method.

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