• AND Intrinsically Safe Compact Balances – EK-AEP Series

    AND Intrinsically Safe Compact Balances – EK-AEP Series

    • Extremely affordable while providing excellent explosion protection
    • Equipped with an optical connector for data output via optical fiber cable and an AD-1611 optical
      communication adapter (both sold separately)
    • Battery operation* (approx. 250 hours with backlight OFF) for optimal portability without the need for complicated wiring via a safety barrier
    • Hygienic and chemically resistant stainless steel (SUS304) weighing pan
    • Adjustable response characteristics to help cope with the effect of drafts and vibrations
    • Multiple weighing units: g, oz, lb, ozt, ct, mom, dwt, gr, N, SG (either tl or tol can be added upon request)
    • Security ring for wire-locking the balance to prevent theft
    *To be used only with four DURACELL AA alkaline MN1500 LR6, ENERGIZER AA E91 alkaline LR6 AM3, or Panasonic AA alkaline LR6 (XJ) 1.5V batteries

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