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  • AND Din-rail Weighing Indicator AD-4430 Series

    AD-4430 Series

    Load Cell Connection – The AD-4430 series is able to check for disconnected or faulty wires through connection with a load cell cable. This is convenient for installation or for start-up inspections and periodic checks.

    Non-Linear Correction Using High-Order Equations – Up until now, linear correction has been commonly used, but the AD-4430 series corrects linearity deviations that linear correction can’t compensate for by using high-order curves, enabling more accurate weighing.

    Gravitational Acceleration Compensation – The function compensates for weighing error due to the difference of gravitational acceleration between the location of calibration and the location of measurement.

    Comparator Function – Compares the measurement with HI/OK/LO limits

    Hold Function – Select from normal hold, peak hold and average hold.

    Remote I/O Function AD-4430C/R – CC-Link or Modbus RTU can be used for remote I/O with control I/O output settings. You can check inputs of sensors connected to the AD-4430C/R through control I/O and turn relays and other switches on or off.

    Real Time Free Fall Compensation AD-4430C/R

    One Shot Small Flow AD-4430C/R

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