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  • IND570 Industrial Weighing Terminal

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    Performance and Versatility Delivered

    Solutions for a Perfect Fit – Highly versatile in function. Constructed and approved for the harshest industrial environments. The IND570 is easily expanded with software, communication and control interfaces to meet process requirements – adding cost only when needed.

    Flexible Control Options – Support for manual and automated weighing processes. Use operator routines to collect transaction data and guarantee consistency, quality and traceability. In automated systems, allow fast-updating digital I/O and integrated applications to take control, freeing operators for other assignments.

    Secure, Efficient Access to Data – Convenient data management solutions provide data as you want it, when you need it. PLC, network, USB and standard serial communication interfaces available. Adapt data collection and transfer to meet the unique requirements of each weighing application.

    Performance Monitoring – Improve system performance and avoid expensive down-time with proactive system monitoring. Smart, user-friendly diagnostic screens and reports provide important data to service personnel and system engineers, to help keep the system running at maximum potential.

    IND570 Industrial Weighing
    TerminalOne Terminal, Many Solutions 

    Designed for performance and versatility, the IND570 industrial terminal is the easy choice for even the most most challenging industrial weighing applications.

    The IND570 features a broad offering of functions to manage weighing applications. Introducing advances in connectivity, performance verification and efficient, secure access to critical process data, the IND570 satisfies ever-increasing demand for measurement accuracy, reliability, efficiency and traceability.

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