weighting data logger

  • AD-1688 Weighing Data Logger

    Save, Carry, and Retrieve

    The AD-1688 weighing data logger is a handheld device that lets you collect weighing data without connecting the balance or scale to a PC!


    • Dual Interface – An RS-232C interface to import weighing data from an A&D balance or scale and a USB interface to export the data to a PC (no driver software is required)
    • Large Memory – Approx. 5,000 weighing data sets (in the A&D standard format) can be stored
    • Internal Clock – The date and time the data is saved is stored in data
    • Highly Portable – Small size and IP65 dust and waterproof (with the casing over)
    • No Battery Required – Receives power supply directly from a balance, scale or PC

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