AND Weighing Indicator AD-4329A

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Basic Weighing Indicator

The AD-4329A is equipped with a triple-range function and is ideal for scales with multiple weighing intervals.
The AD-4329A is perfect for a diverse array of applications such as hoppers, packers and check-weighing scales.

Dual Range/Triple Range:

  • Can switch between three ranges by setting combinations of capacity and minimum display.


  • Vacuum Fluorescent Display (VFD) with 13mm characters

Weighing Functions:

  • Checkweighing mode (3 levels) for comparing weight with upper and lower limits.
  • Setpoint comparison for batching applications
  • Manual and automatic comparator and accumulated data storage to memory

External I/O:

  • 7 Control Input nodes
  • Standard interface RS-232C, 20mA Current Loop (for use with A&D peripheral devices)
  • Optional Items
    RS-422/485, Relay Output, Parallel BCD Output, Analog Output (4-20mA)

Digital Calibration Function
Power Supply:

  • AC100/120/200/220/240V (Please request preferred voltage rating at time of order)
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