AND Weighing Indicator AD-4403-FP

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Flameproof Weighing Indicator

The AD-4403FP is a flameproof weighing indicator (ExdIIBT5X) and has passed explosion testing by the Technology Institution of Industrial Safety in Japan. It is ideal for use in dangerous environments with materials such as LPG, paints and petroleum based materials.


  • Equipped with main and sub displays
  • The main display shows weights and the sub display show settings and accumulated weight.

Weighing Functions:

  • Preprogrammed with normal-batching and loss-in-weight sequences
  • Automatic accumulation of net weight on batch finish
  • Mixing function – one unit can mix multiple materials
  • Sequence functions for filling and mixing
  • High-speed sampling at 100 times/sec enables swift response to weight changes

External I/O:

  • Control I/O 6 Input nodes, 6 Output nodes
  • Current Loop Output (for connection to A&D peripheral devices)

Digital Calibration Function
Supports all power sources

  • AC100/120/200/220/230/240V (Please request preferred voltage rating at time of order)
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