FC-Si&i Series – Counting Scales

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Two Step Operation Makes Operator’s Life Easy!

Unit Weight Registering Navigator:
Just follow the flashing light to complete a unit weight registration; it is beginner-friendly!
Select the best-suited way from ID number data retrieval, 10-key pad input, or sample size weighing.

Easy Data Retrieval:
For each weighing article, it is easy for anyone to instantly retrieve data such as ID number, unit weight,
tare weight, and comparator upper/lower limits without making an error. It helps to improve effectiveness and reliability of operation. Especially effective for multiproduct lines.

Simple Operation Mode:
You can avoid making any unwanted operational mistakes by enabling just the keys you need.(This mode is available for zero setting, tare weight cancel setting, and sample counting setting.)

Sounds when the current counting reaches, exceeds, or lacks a set quantity. The alarm beeps when an operational error occurs.

Comparator Function:
Compares a count or weight. When the comparator function is activated, “HI”, “OK” or “LO” is displayed.

Accumulation Function:
Totals piece count into memory. Works in automatic or manual mode.

High Internal Resolution & Wide Counting Range:
Internal resolution is enhanced for more accurate counting. (FC-Si: 1/10,000,000 FC-i: 1/1,000,000) Now you can make counting of both lightweight and heavyweight articles with only one scale.
Replace conventional scales (used to require one each for light piece weight and heavy piece weight) with this scale, and save your cost and space as well as trouble to shift the load from the unit weight setting pan to the counting pan during measurement.

Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI):
ACAI automatically corrects errors caused by variation in unit weights of weighing article. It makes even more accurate counting possible.

Aluminum Die-cast Frame:
Robust body structure gives long-time stability and high accuracy of the product.

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