RADWAG AS.R Analytical Balances

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RADWAG AS.R Analytical Balances

  • The AS.R series represents a new standard level for analytical balances. They feature a new, readable LCD display which allows a clearer presentation of the weighing result. Besides, the display has a
    new text information line allowing to show additional messages and data, e.g. product name or tare value.
  • Additionally, the new R series balances by means of pictograms signal the activated working mode, connection with the Internet, the battery charge level, balance service functions. Also a number of displayed measuring units has been increased.
  • The balance precision and the measurement accuracy is assured by automatic internal adjustment, which takes into consideration temperature changes and time flow.
  • AS.R series balances feature several communication interfaces: 2 x RS 232, type A USB, type B USB and optional WiFi. The housing is made of plastic, and the pan is made of stainless steel.

DATABASES IN R SERIES BALANCES – In new AS.R series balances the information system is based on 5 databases, which allows for several users to work with several products databases, and the registered weighing results can be subject to further analysis.

Quick access to information – Direct access to functions and databases is possible from the level of keyboard.

ALIBI memory РThe used ALIBI memory is a data secure area and allows to record up to 100 000 weighment records. It ensures security of constant data register in the long time period.

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