RADWAG Analytical Balances AS 3Y

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RADWAG Analytical Balances AS 3Y

  • Balances AS 3Y series are laboratory weighing instruments featuring 5,7″ LCD colour touch panel which
    provides new possibilities of balance operation and presenting measurement results.
  • Personalization of balance settings is carried out in extended user profiles. AS 3Y series comes standard with system of automatic adjustment using an internal mass standard. Level control is based on LevelSENSING system, RADWAG patented solution, which uses a system of an electronic level. New  unction of AS 3Y series is online monitoring of ambient conditions through built-in sensors or an external ambient conditions module THB 2 series.
  • AS 3Y series comes standard with esthetic weighing chamber protected by an anti-draft shield. Design of the weighing chamber enables easy disassembling of its glass parts, for keeping clean sterile.
  • Interactive formulation mode in the AS 3Y series is a reliable tool for creating various mixtures with application of databases. Differential weighing mode aids mass control of the same sample subjected to differed processes over time. Extended databases enable storing all carried out measurements, with option of printing and exporting them.
  • Standard and user defined printouts allow for maintaining documentation complying with
    GLP/GMP requirements practically in any application. AS 3Y series features an independent mass control mode carried out with application of an automatic feeder PA-02/H
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