AND Weighing Indicator AD-4401A

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Basic Weighing Indicator

The AD-4401A has a compact body, high-end A/D converter and versatile functions, including batch-weighing control and check weighing.
The AD-4401A is suitable for a wide range of applications, from hopper and packer scales to check-weighing scales.

As a new feature the AD-4401A now is equipped with a High Performance Digital Filter (HPDF). In situations where vibration must be removed, it provides high accuracy as well as high-speed response.

The AD-4401A is highly compatibility with the old AD-4401 model allowing for easy replacement of any old AD-4401 devices. Easily replaceable

  • The size, color and methods of operation and control panel installation of the AD-4401A remains the same as the AD-4401.
  • Interface connectors retain compatibility so even when updating from AD-4401 to AD-4401A previously connected devices can continue to be used without changing any connectors.
  • Functions have been added but the default settings remain identical to the AD-4401.


  • 13mm high characters for the main display and 7mm high characters for the sub display.
  • The front panel is structured to be waterproof (IP-65 compliant).

Weighing Functions:

  • Pre-programmed with normal-batching and loss-in-weight sequences
  • Batch-time/Discharge-time monitoring, Supplementary flow function
  • Check-weighing mode (5 levels)

External I/O:

  • Standard, Configurable Control I/O: Input 6, Output 8
  • Standard 20mA Current Loop (for use with A&D peripheral devices)
  • Optional Items
    RS-232C, RS-422/485, Parallel BCD Output, Analog Output (4-20mA)

Digital Calibration Function
Power Supply:

  • AC100 to 240V

New Function:

  • HPDF (High Performance Digital Filter)
  • Modbus-RTU (required option RS-422/485)
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